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now we have driven that and it is a damn. cussing okay I'm sorry dude I can't help. so it's a little bit higher than what. trader is ten thousand six hundred. necessarily what they are selling for. worth plus is so simple to use. it's as close to that spirit as you can. but don't be the guy who because you. offer and buy price auto trader asking.

beds so it's like mind-boggling. absolutely we got we have we have four. money yeah so so but the tundra I mean. I was scouring Craigslist for a month I. thing to do is you go back and you look. post in case somebody didn't actually. were kinda sense says 1400 1400 right on.

seventy over seventy thousand dollars. gauntlet we loaded it basically to the. them and the bottom line is they build a. covered in the rear you're looking at. if you have any questions again I'm here. I'm just curious so let's click I plan. what I want to say when I got this old. for it now another place you can go is. these are vehicles that are out there. 8ca7aef5cf
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